Saturday, February 11, 2012

Cypress Texas, Still a Hometown Feel

Cypress Texas...Still a Hometown feel…..

Yes I grew up here….yes I came back and yes…I raised my family in Cypress. I guess I’m here to stay. Grew up in Ravensway...the neighborhood named after General Sam Houston (the Raven).  In fact I recently noted a new cemetery being developed off Cypress North Houston near Telge…just blocks from CyFair High…so now my running joke is that now I’ll probably never leave!!!

 It’s definitely not the Cypress of 1978, back when Huffmeisters Drive In was the place to hang out on Friday nights and the lake at Timberlake was party central until the wooded dead end streets of Enchanted Valley Estates opened up and gave way to nightly bonfires!   That’s all I’ll say about that.

Tin Hall was probably one of the biggest entertainment venues back in my time. Friday and Saturday night BYOB dances helped me learn the art of the Texas Two Step.  They recently started having monthly dances….be sure to check it out and support a local icon.  I know there's a free event there on Sunday Feb 12...with Kevin Black band and BBQ...then a dance on Saturday March 31 with the Lonely Road Band...who will knock your socks off with contemporary country tunes! Lonely Road Band also frequents the Texas Tavern on Cypress North Houston in case you're in the mood for great country music.

My kids helped me with a CyFair High School reunion at Tin Hall a few years ago and were amazed at how many streets showed up as the last name of past graduates….Kluges, Telges, Huffmeisters, Juergens, Mueschke, Borgstedt, and many more. 
If you’re new to Cypress or thinking of moving here, I’d definitely give this place kudos.  CyFair ISD is one of the highest rated school districts in the state. Industry is big, with access to HP, Cameron, Siemens, and many other major industrial corporations.  We’ve still got some of the hometown feel.

Did you grow up here? Do you have a memory you'd like to share? Bring it on....its fun to see what others remember and think about.  See you at Tin Hall!

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